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The Different Types of Building Signage

Building signs grab the attention of onlookers and can say a lot about your establishment. Thus, there is a wide variety of building sign types for businesses, and each offers different advantages. Signage on buildings may include the following:

Also referred to as internally or externally illuminated custom storefront signs, pylon signs are freestanding and provide excellent visibility as they are illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs. They are steel structures that rest on concrete foundations and can typically reach 12 feet high. Exterior storefront signs can be single or double-sided and may display signage for multiple organizations. 

Monument signs are basically commercial storefront signs on the ground that are mounted low at eye level and generally display a desired message. These types of company signs are fully customizable, come in a range of different shapes and sizes, and may also feature a decorative base.

Also known as 3D Letter building signs, letters can be made from foam, acrylic, plastic, wood, metal, PVC and many other materials. 3D Letters are fabricated using your company font to help your brand be immediately recognized on the front of your building.

These are exterior, individually cut, storefront lettering that spells out the business name and may display a logo. Architectural signage for companies include low-voltage LEDs or neon’s to light the letters internally in these outdoor storefront signs.

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