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ADA signs are essential to your business as they ensure convenience and safety for all your customers. Our team at DF Signs & Graphics is ready to assist you with all your ADA signage needs.

What Are Braille Signs?

Braille is a system put together for the visually impaired to be able to read and write. This system uses a series of dots to represent the alphabet and other elements as equivalents to punctuation marks. Adding custom braille signs to your business, such as braille restroom signs and braille exit signs, not only shows you comply with regulations, but that you also care about all your customers.

Why ADA Compliant Signs are Necessary for Your Business

ADA Braille signs are required by the U.S. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) so that buildings are accessible to those with visual disabilities. Signs with braille: should not create glare, should include tactile letters, be made with high contrast, and should be placed horizontally in predictable and convenient locations so that they are easily accessed and readability is optimal. In addition, accessible signage should be presented near the sign’s edge and unobscured by the frame.

You should add ADA room signage in a public building to permanent rooms or spaces that never change function. This should include: stairwells, restrooms, closets, and among other areas in the building. Rooms that change function may also be labeled to show room numbers rather than their names, if appropriate.

Get High-Quality, Custom ADA Signs From DF Signs & Graphics

DF Signs & Graphics are experts in all types of ADA compliant braille signs including ADA parking signs, ADA restroom signs, ADA stair signs, and more. We know all the ADA sign specifications and will work with you to get the ADA custom sign that you need, and that fits your budget.

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